Here are my impressions of the 10th edition of the Infographic Conference at the Netherlands on March 3 2017. It was about supposed myth in information visualization and the way to go about it.

Myth 1: Infographics save lives

battling infographic myth

Myth 2: Information design is serious business

Nigel Holmes: the fun factor

Holmes on fun

Margaret Hagan: making serious things fun

law and design

Myth 3: Numbers don’t speak

Antonie Berkel; making data count

football data

Jon Wile: It is al about editing

it is all about editing

Ruben Pater & Stephan Okhuijsen: the power of design + data


Myth 4: Design is a universal language

Andrei Herasimchuk & Joe Chrisman:
involve you audience

Wrap -up


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